Attention Members and Visitors

Stanmore Seventh-Day Adventist Church is RE-OPENING on 20th November and we will still be operating on Zoom as well. You can find the zoom link on our Facebook page

Worship With Us

You are invited to attend our sabbath school bible study starting at 10:00 am and our divine worship service starting at 11:00am. We are located at 1B Cannon St, Stanmore.

We also encourage you to stay each week after the service for a potluck lunch.

What’s On At Stanmore Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Stanmore Church

Stanmore SDA Church

Every Saturday morning, Stanmore runs Bible studies for all age groups and a worship and praise program. Bible study, also known as Sabbath School goes from 10:00am to 11:00am every Saturday. There are groups for kids to adults. Find out more

Music and singing are part of the worship service here at Stanmore Church, including a Bible-based message relevant to the times we live in. A short story is also told during the program for children. Find out more

One of Stanmore SDA Church’s most enjoyable time is the weekly Fellowship Lunch, held every Saturday. It takes place in the Church Hall after the worship program. We extend an open invitation to all visitors, community friends, families and members. Join in for a feast, with a variety of international dishes that are tasty and nutritious.

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Where to find us?

1B Cannon St, Stanmore, NSW, Australia

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Lesson 13:

Christ in the Crucible

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Trudy Despois

What I enjoy about Stanmore is the friendship, fellowship, fantastic music, physical &...

Geoff Sheridan

I have been attending Stanmore church since 2009. I have made it my home church because I enjoy...